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The Mobile App Development journey

a Halcyon recipe for building apps that fly high.

This is the end-to-end path that Halcyon will take you through: from idea to outstanding mobile products and beyond. (Already have the concept? design? just need development? - no problem if you池e already under way and taken some steps yourself, we値l evaluate the situation and we値l help you you with the remaining ones)


"Seek first to understand, then to be understood", Steven Covey

We believe that the first and one of the most important steps is to understand the user, once this is done, the right functionality emerges magically. Discover the unmet needs of end-users and think about generic functionality that can fulfill them. Imagine a world with brief story lines that cast the user as hero completing specific tasks in specific contexts. Understand your competitors, understand this world and a strong base will be laid down, ready to build the whole application on it.


Build the right product


"Nothing in excess"

Next we値l determine together the requirements and carefully select the right features. One of our main guidelines that we follow while doing mobile development is "nothing in excess": include just only enough features to fulfill the user needs and nothing more [?while maintaining a good user experience// nothing more that usually just confuses the users]. Then we値l work with you to prioritize features and focus on business value to minimize scope while maximizing value.

User experience and visual design

"User experience serves the emotion, the emotion it takes to buy and love the product"

Then we値l look for the answer to the question: "How to specifically implement these features in order to provide the best user experience possible while maintaining feasibility?". Our goal is to design apps that can be understood at the first glance, apps that don't need help sections and ultimately apps that users love to use.


Build the product right

After figuring out what to build and how, we'll get down to business and build it. We're using an agile software development process called Behavior Driven Development (one of the latest developments in agile methodologies) adapted to the special case of mobile application development to build each app. We'll build the app in working layers which means that you will be able to watch your it grow up and will be able to play with around with your app at the end of each week (end of an iteration).


We値l assist you with the submission of your application to the AppStore and we will guide you through the process that can be sometimes very confusing. We can also provide specialized app marketing services through one of our partners to make sure that the app is successful.